What is the engine start-stop technology?

It can be said that the start-stop system of the engine is a function that has been highly controversial in recent years. The start-stop system can save fuel and reduce emissions. Yuchai engine assembly YC4G180-220

The automatic start and stop of the engine actually means that if the vehicle is temporarily stopped during driving, for example, it will automatically turn off when waiting for the red light. Then when there is a need to move on, the engine system will automatically restart the engine system. By implanting a reinforced motor with an idle start and stop function on a conventional engine, the engine can be turned off when the vehicle is in an idle stop condition. When the vehicle needs to start forward, the system can quickly respond to the driver's start command, so that the engine can be instantaneously connected.

With the development of the current technology, the engine start-stop system is also constantly optimized. From the feedback of consumers, it can be seen that many people have accepted this system setting, but at the same time some people do not like this system, but the technology is always developing. It takes time to slowly popularize and improve the technology. I believe that it will be in the near future. Engine start-stop technology and more complete and convenient.