Needs attention and inspection items during high temperature Fuel Oil Pressure Sensor operation

The normal periodic inspection of the high temperature Fuel Oil Pressure Sensor shall be checked by the operating personnel every two hours for the transformers that have been put into operation, and shall be inspected twice within two hours after the inspection is completed and the operation is completed.

Check again after a short-circuit fault trip, check whether the high-voltage current-limiting fuse of the high-voltage side of the voltage transformer is normal, whether the insulating porcelain bushing has obvious cracks, dirt and discharge, whether the outer casing has oil leakage or oil leakage, and the oil pillow Or the oil level indicator indicates that the oil level is clear.

When the current transformer test terminal is released and restored, in order to prevent the secondary open circuit of the current transformer, it is necessary to release and restore the test terminal, it should not be too tight. If it is too tight, the screw will slip, so that the contact cannot be made due to good contact. .

The high-voltage transformer is a fully enclosed dry high-voltage voltage transformer. When the internal primary winding of the voltage transformer breaks down, the grounding and short-circuit faults will cause the substation to trip due to contact with the grid top. Serious conditions will also result. High current blows off traffic accidents such as contact nets.