Car Gearbox misunderstanding

What are the taboos of using a Gearbox in a car? What driving behaviors can easily damage the transmission and cause it to malfunction?

Some car owners mistakenly believe that N-speed taxiing can save fuel. In fact, this method is very unsafe and does not save fuel at all. This operation can easily cause damage to the gearbox. When engaged in the N gear, the gearbox oil pump cannot lubricate the engine oil. This will cause the gearbox-related parts to generate high temperatures, which will increase gear wear. In the long term, the gearbox is easily damaged.

Each forward gear of the automatic transmission has a maximum speed limit. If the transmission is forced to a low gear in a high gear, it is easy to damage the clutch plate in the gear.

After the car travels a certain mileage, the gearbox oil must be changed in time. The frequency of the automatic transmission and manual transmission is different. Problems will easily occur regardless of the long time. Transmission oil will deteriorate and volatilize under high speed and high temperature for a long time, which will increase the wear of mechanical parts and may even damage internal parts of the transmission.