How often is the Gearbox maintained?

Many people now have a car, but many people do n’t understand maintenance. Car maintenance is actually a great science. Today, I wo n’t talk about the other, but only the maintenance and maintenance of Gearbox.

The transmission oil has a service life. After the transmission oil has been used for a long time, the viscosity, lubricity and sealing will decrease. This kind of problem is easy to affect the gear shifting accuracy. In addition, the gearbox will generate a certain temperature when it is running at high speed, so over time, the high temperature resistance of the gearbox oil will also decline. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance of the gearbox are necessary.

There are two types of gearboxes, manual and automatic, with different maintenance and maintenance requirements. Because of the high accuracy of the automatic gearbox, the requirements for maintenance are also relatively high. Generally, oil change and maintenance are required for 40,000 kilometers. Depending on the specific situation, mileage is not absolute. It is mainly during normal driving. If you feel the gearbox is stuck and the gear shift is not smooth, you need to pay attention to whether to maintain it.

The requirements for manual gearboxes are not so high. Generally, the maintenance period for manual gearboxes is 3 years. If your car is in good condition and has high strength, you can perform maintenance work when the car is traveling 100,000 kilometers.