How to avoid shock failure of automatic fast transmission

Cars equipped with automatic gearboxes are easy to operate, lack of maintenance or improper operation, and malfunctions such as shocks in the automatic gearbox can cause headaches. What causes the shock of the automatic transmission easily? How to maintain the automatic transmission?

Automatic fast transmission shock refers to the obvious impact of upshift and downshift of the automatic transmission when the vehicle is running; or when the vehicle is switched to the forward gear and the reverse gear at the start, the vehicle has an obvious car-breaking phenomenon.

Generally, there are many reasons for the impact of automatic transmissions. The main reason is that the transmission oil is not replaced in accordance with the regulations. The deterioration of the transmission oil leads to the abnormal wear of the internal components of the transmission valve body or the failure of the electronic control system.

When an automatic transmission shock occurs, it should be sent to a professional service station for inspection. After the internal components are worn out, the transmission oil will deteriorate in a vicious cycle, and the deteriorated transmission oil will aggravate the wear of the components, which will cause repeated damage to the transmission. Great damage.

As the owner of the car, do not use the car for neutral sliding, warm up for a long time, and so on. Normally, it never asks whether the transmission oil needs to be changed. In addition, you must always pay attention to the vehicle condition, such as regular inspection and replacement of the automatic transmission oil, so as not to cause the transmission to be affected by the low level or deterioration of the transmission oil. damage.