How to deal with automatic Gearbox failure

Automatic Gearbox is frustrated, impacted, and slipped. In many cases, the internal valve body is not damaged. This is because there are intractable dirt and impurities inside, so the accumulation of dirty impurities inside the valve body forms a blockage, which makes it impossible to achieve The effective adjustment of oil pressure has caused the impact of slipping and slipping. At the same time, the problem of high temperature in the gearbox cannot be ignored. According to the Automatic Transmission Repair Association data: "More than 90% of all faulty automatic transmissions are caused by overheating."
High temperatures can destroy the quality and friction characteristics of automatic transmission fluids, increase friction and wear, and gearbox noise comes along. At the same time, sludge (impurities or dirt) can also be generated inside the gearbox (eg valve body), resulting in The gearbox has experienced setbacks and shocks. If the temperature exceeds 120 ° C, the rubber sealing material will start to harden, eventually causing leakage and lowering the hydraulic pressure. If the temperature is higher, the gearbox starts to slip, and the slip will in turn cause the temperature to rise higher. If it is not resolved in time, the gearbox will be scrapped.

Therefore, it is possible to completely solve the gearbox problem and prevent it from happening again by removing the stubborn dirt and impurities in the gearbox and effectively controlling the operating temperature of the gearbox.