How to diagnose when the electronically controlled gearbox transmission fails?

Electronically controlled mechanical gearbox transmission is generally installed on the basis of the original gear mechanical transmission computer control system, the throttle, clutch, gear lever control generally uses electric motor or hydraulic drive actuator to achieve gear selection 1. The automatic control of shifting makes the car an automatic shifting car.

If the electronically controlled gearbox transmission fails, the first step is to eliminate the fault of the automatic transmission caused by improper oil level, oil quality, poor linkage, engine and other "conditions" and oil leakage. Basic inspection of gearbox;
Then there is the need for the lotus powder failure from time to time caused by the electronic control system, or because of the mechanical operating system and hydraulic control system. This can be identified by the manual gearshift experiment of electronically controlled gearbox transmission;

The difference between the mechanical control system and the hydraulic control system faults must be achieved through mechanical experiments, that is, hydraulic experiments, stall experiments, time lag experiments, torque converter experiments, road experiments, etc., different faults of different systems need to use different diagnostic methods To ensure the specific location of the fault.