How to reduce maintenance and extend gearbox transmission life

Gearbox transmission is easy to maintain and has a long service life and saves fuel. Automatic transmissions are expensive to maintain and expensive to use. Automatic transmission repair is the most complicated system in car repair. Learn to protect automatic transmissions for longer life.

Be careful not to idling to warm up the car. Raising the oil temperature through idling is slower than driving while warming up the car. The shorter the time it takes for the engine to reach normal operating temperature, the less the engine will wear, and the idle speed will extend the time it takes for the engine to reach normal operating temperature. The longer the idle time, the more carbon deposition will occur.

Switch to manual low gear when climbing: When the car automatically crawls forward without stepping on the brakes or the accelerator, the clutch is in a semi-linked state. Wear between the semi-interlocking clutch plates can be severe.

Low engine speed means that the speed is lower than the first gear speed of 10 kilometers, the speed is too low, and the vehicle has no inertia. When the engine drives the car, the pressure between the parts is very large, low speed, incomplete combustion of gasoline and insufficient engine power.

Decelerate before flameout: stop, shift to the parking position, then apply the handbrake, shut down the engine, do not go too fast in the process.

When driving on steep slopes or underground garages, using the low gear in manual mode is clearly more comfortable than using the D gear. At least we don't need to use the brakes frequently and for a long time, we can ensure driving safety and do both.