There may be many reasons for the deterioration of truck transmission oil

The first possibility is that the temperature of the truck transmission is too high. When the temperature of the automatic transmission is too high, the oil will become brown or dark red. In addition, if the automatic transmission is used for a long time without replacement, the oil will deteriorate. As a result, the locking function of the torque converter is disabled, and if the radiator of the automatic transmission is blocked or the heat dissipation is bent, the temperature of the automatic transmission will be too high.

Once the truck transmission inlet water enters, the oil will appear milky, and there are generally two cases of inlet water. The engine coolant enters the automatic transmission through the radiator; there is rainwater or car wash water entering from the automatic transmission vent , After the automatic transmission is filled with water, the vehicle failure will not be displayed for the first time, so observe the transmission oil from time to time

The oil level height error will cause a lot of foam in the tank oil. When the oil level is too low, the oil pump will draw air, which will cause the oil and air to mix; too high oil level will make the planetary gears and other rotating parts immerse in the gearbox In the process, the phenomenon of agitating oil occurs. Whether it is too high or too low, it will cause the automatic transmission oil to deteriorate and thus malfunction.

The metal parts are seriously worn, and there are metal impurities in the transmission fluid. Due to the large amount of metal fragments in the transmission fluid, it is generally because the metal parts inside the transmission are seriously worn, such as the intermediate shaft, bearings, and clutch steel plates , Clutch cups, etc., these mixed with oil will cause deterioration