These three points of yuchai engine maintenance must be understood

          I believe that everyone will have this experience when starting the vehicle in winter. When starting, the engine will have a hoarse noise and metal friction.

          This is because after the vehicle is parked for a long time, most of the yuchai engine oil flows back into the oil pan at the bottom of the engine, so that when the engine starts, the engine oil has no time to reach the cylinder wall, then the amount of engine oil between the piston and the cylinder wall will be too small. After the engine has been running for a period of time, the engine oil will be delivered everywhere, and the noise will slowly disappear.
            Most of the engine wear occurs during the start-up phase. For vehicles with serious start-up wear, we can generally choose low-temperature fluidity oil to reach the lubrication position relatively quickly.

            It is worth noting that everyone needs to choose engine oil according to different models and driving habits. Do n’t blindly pursue upgrades or superstitious engine oil additives, because many additives are mainly for vehicles that burn serious engine oils, such as races. It is enough to choose the right genuine engine oil and then maintain it on time.