Truck transmission automation is already an inevitable trend

           The automatic transmission is equipped with a truck with unique advantages. The truck is matched with the multi-speed energy-saving and environmentally-friendly automatic transmission, which can improve fuel utilization and reduce emissions. It can also reduce the driver's labor intensity, thereby improving driving safety and transportation efficiency. In general, the automatic transmission is equipped with a truck, which can simplify the driver's operation, which can improve riding comfort and improve power performance.Truck transmission
           The control of manpower cost in the whole society can effectively solve the problem of manual transmission's dependence on external manpower and environment. It can promote the development of civilian trucks for driving comfort, energy saving and emission reduction. With the improvement of road conditions and the development of the transportation industry, automatic transmissions provide strong support for the development of large-tonnage, high-power, multi-axis trucks.

           Automatic transmissions also generally eliminate differences in truck fuel economy, power, emissions performance, and transmission system reliability caused by drivers of different levels. The automatic transmission is the foundation of the vehicle's hybrid power system. The hybrid power system must combine the vehicle's power system with the transmission system.