Why maintain Fast gearbox transmission?

Fast gearbox transmission has become the first choice for most car owners, and automatic transmission maintenance has become a heart disease for everyone. The gearbox is troublesome to repair and does not require higher use. Therefore, regular maintenance is needed, and the good power of the car is also required to be scientifically maintained.

Fast gearbox transmission has the advantages of simple operation, comfortable driving and reduced driver fatigue. Cars equipped with automatic transmissions can automatically change torque according to road conditions. The driver can focus on road traffic. Let ’s talk about the consequences of dirty automatic transmission oil in automatic transmission .

The sludge in the dirty oil will cause the oil flow in the valve body oil pipes to be unsmooth and affect the power transmission, so that the speed of the automatic transmission is slow or stalled. In severe cases, there will be no oil pressure in the gear, causing combustion.

Dirty oil will cause premature aging of the sealing rubber ring between the cylinders, affecting the oil pressure of each cylinder, slow acceleration, stall and other failures. In severe cases, the friction plate can slip and burn. Basically caused by untimely cleaning and oil change.

Automatic transmission repair is the most complicated system in car repair. It is more valuable and important in automotive parts. Therefore, maintenance of the gearbox is particularly important. Improper maintenance will cause maintenance difficulties and high maintenance costs. Therefore, the gearbox should be properly maintained.