Yuchai engine manufacturers introduce the difference between gasoline and diesel engines

Advantages and disadvantages of gasoline engines

Gasoline engines generally use gasoline as a fuel, and internal energy can be converted into a kinetic energy engine. Because gasoline is small in viscosity and evaporates quickly, it can be injected into the cylinder with a gasoline injection system. After compression and temperature and pressure, it can be ignited with a spark plug, which allows the gas to expand and work.
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The advantages of the car engine, maintenance and maintenance is more trouble-free. The gasoline version of the RV replacement parts is much easier than the diesel engine. The gasoline engine has high speed, good adaptability, and work smoothly and softly. The operation is convenient and labor-saving, and because of the advantages of light weight, low noise and easy start-up, it is widely used in small and medium-sized trucks.

Disadvantages of gasoline engines: high fuel consumption rate, so the economy is poor. Since the oil of the engine is prone to low-temperature sludge, it is generally required that the gasoline engine oil has good low-temperature sludge dispersibility.

Advantages of diesel engines:
The diesel engine is an engine that releases energy by burning diesel. The advantage is that the life is long and economical and durable. Because the speed of the diesel engine is low, the related parts are not easy to age, and the wear of the parts is less than that of the gasoline engine, so the service life is relatively long. Because there is no ignition system, there are fewer auxiliary electric appliances, and the diesel engine has a much lower failure rate than the gasoline engine. Diesel engines are highly safe and are not easily ignited or exploding due to accidental conditions. Generally speaking, diesel engines are safer than automobile engines.

Disadvantages of diesel engines: The general ignition method uses compression ignition. For gasoline vehicles, there is no spark plug structure. Sometimes, due to insufficient oxygen, toxic gases are generated. Therefore, diesel vehicles are generally equipped with neutralization. Urea tanks with toxic gases to prevent them from polluting the atmosphere. Another point is that diesel-powered agricultural machinery has a loud sound. When the temperature in winter is low, it may freeze and cause it to work properly.

In summary, in fact, the life of a diesel engine is much longer than that of a gasoline vehicle. Many diesel engines have good fatigue resistance. Long-term running at high speed or climbing will not cause power failure like a gasoline vehicle, especially when it is equipped with air conditioning. However, the shortcomings of the diesel engine are also obvious. The noise is larger than that of the gasoline engine, the speed is slower, and the winter warm-up time is longer.