Product Description

We are Cummins engine oil pressure sensor exporter  in China for more than 5 years.Our products mainly export to South American(Chile.peru,Brazil,etc ).

 Africa,south Asia,Mid-eastetc

 Our main engine  spare parts are  :Connecting rod,piston,piston ring,cylinder liner,cylinder head,bearing,Gascket.etc

Product Info

Unit SET
Minorder 1
Supplyability 10000SETS
Payment T/T.L/C.
Port Chongqing,Shanghai,Tianjin,QIngdao,Shenzhen,Guzhou,etc
Certification EU
Place China
Packaging Cartons,woodencase

Product Detail

Cummins engine oil pressure sensor 4921517 

36BF4-16011Speed Sensor
36R36-16010Speed Sensor
36R36-16011Speed sensor
36V08-16010Speed Sensor
DC12J150T-710Gear speed sensor
DC12J150TA05-710AGear speed sensor
3501115-K47R0Front right brake bracket assembly with sensor
3502155-K0301Sensor bracket assembly
3502155-K1000Sensor bracket assembly
3502155-K1000Sensor bracket assembly
3502155-KC102After the sensor bracket assembly
3502155-T0801After the sensor bracket assembly
3502156-T0801After the sensor bracket
3502157-T0802After the sensor vertical bracket
37N05-34010Light detection sensor
37N05-34010Light detection sensor
3724951-KW100Sensor assembly
3819F-010-B2Oil pressure alarm sensor assembly
3819F-010-B2Oil pressure alarm sensor assembly
3827010-GB100Fuel sensor assembly
3827010-K1000Fuel sensor assembly
3827010-KD101Fuel sensor assembly
3827010-KD102Fuel sensor assembly
3827010-ND100Fuel sensor assembly
3827010-T0101Fuel sensor assembly
3827010-T0102Fuel sensor assembly
3827010-T0102Fuel sensor assembly
3827010-T0103Fuel sensor assembly
3827010-T0300Fuel sensor assembly
3827010-T0800Fuel sensor assembly
3827010-T3200Fuel sensor assembly
3827A07B-010Fuel sensor assembly
3827A07B-020Fuel sensor assembly
3827A07B-030Fuel sensor assembly
3827CE2-010Fuel sensor assembly
3827F05-010Fuel sensor assembly
3827N-010-AFuel sensor assembly
3827N-010-BFuel sensor assembly
3827N12-010Fuel sensor assembly
3827Q01-010-BFuel sensor assembly
3827QA-010Fuel sensor assembly
3827T12-010Fuel sensor assembly
3827ZB1-010Fuel sensor assembly
3839N-010Low water level sensor
5010437049Oil Pressure Sensor
D5010437049Oil Pressure Sensor
D5010437049Oil Pressure Sensor
3724951-KW100Sensor assembly
174-3800050Temperature Sensor
188-3800030Oil Pressure Sensor
474-3800020Water temperature sensor
474-3800030Alarm Oil Pressure Sensor
478-3800030Pressure Sensor
674-3800040Type speed sensor ZG255A2
674-3800040ASpeed Sensor
B3402-3800030Oil Pressure Sensor
E0225-3800020Water temperature sensor
E0225-3800030Oil pressure sensor
F3400-3800020Speed Sensor
F3400-3800050Clutch switch sensor
F3400-3800060Throttle position sensor
G4200-3800106MAP sensor bracket
G5900-3800101MAT / MAP sensor
G5900-3800102PTP sensor
G5900-3800103λ sensor

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