Product Description

We are truck the accelerator pedal wholesalers in China for more than 5 years.Our products mainly export to South American(Chile.peru,Brazil,etc ).

 Africa,south Asia,Mid-eastetc

Our main spare parts are for Truck parts: Sinotruk, Howo, Steyr, Steyr King, North Benz(Beiben truck,Beifang Benchi), Golden Prince, Shacman, Iveco, Shaanxi, Yuejin, JMC, CAMC, Hongyan, Dongfeng,etc.

Product Info

Unit SET
Minorder 1
Supplyability 10000SETS
Payment T/T.L/C.
Port Chongqing,Shanghai,Tianjin,QIngdao,Shenzhen,Guzhou,etc
Certification EU
Place China
Packaging Cartons,woodencase

Product Detail

the accelerator pedal 1108010-AP01

1108010-FF03002Electronic accelerator pedal
1108010-FF122001Electronic accelerator pedal
D542-08010Electronic accelerator pedal
E542-08010Electronic accelerator pedal
1108010M176Electronic accelerator pedal
1108010-ZC1H0Electronic accelerator pedal
1108010-B9A00Electronic accelerator pedal
1108010-N9E00Electronic accelerator pedal
1004M-2450DFElectronic accelerator pedal
1108010-B80Y0Electronic accelerator pedal
1108010-B69G0Electronic accelerator pedal
1108010-S46B0Electronic accelerator pedal
1108010-C1200Electronic accelerator pedal
4102-C3C-B-43.50Electronic accelerator pedal
4102-C3C-17.43.50Electronic accelerator pedal
1108010-C1100Electronic accelerator pedal
1108010-C0105Electronic accelerator pedal
1108010-C0104Electronic accelerator pedal
1108010-C0102Electronic accelerator pedal
1108010-C0101Electronic accelerator pedal

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