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We are   CFV Valve  exporter  in China for more than 5 years.Our products mainly export to South American(Chile.peru,Brazil,etc ).

 Africa,south Asia,Mid-eastetc

 Our main engine  spare parts are  :Connecting rod,piston,piston ring,cylinder liner,cylinder head,bearing,Gascket.etc

Product Info

Price 1600
Unit SET
Minorder 1
Supplyability 10000SETS
Payment T/T.L/C.
Port Chongqing,Shanghai,Tianjin,QIngdao,Shenzhen,Guzhou,etc
Certification EU
Place China
Packaging Cartons,woodencase

Product Detail

Yuchai Natural Gas Engine CFV Valve J4R00-1113F40C for Heavy Duty Truck Bus

A3960407/A3960413 Turbo Charger Nos
NIV Sleeve Cylinder Set
A-3921394 Engine Head gasket Nos
NIV Psiton Set
NIV Piston Ring Set
NIV Main & Connecting Bearing Set
NIV Engine Oil Filter Nos
NIV Thrust Bearing Set
NIV Nozzle Tip Set
NIV Pump Head With Plunger Nos
NIV Delivery Valve & Seal Kit Set
1119G-019 Pre Fuel Filter Nos
1109D14A-001-B Air Cleaner Element Nos
1301D14A-010 Radrator Assy, With Filter Cap Nos
NIV V Belt Water Pump Nos
NIV Water Pump Assy Nos
NIV Hose Pipe Inlet Nos
NIV Hose Pipe Outlet Nos
NIV Fuel Filter Nos
360111 Bearing Clutch Release Nos
Q-23-450W Hose Assy (Air Compressor to Air Pressure Governor) Nos
3527N2-010 Relay Valve Assy; Nos
3526E1-010 Two-Way Valve Assy; Nos
3515D5-010 One-Way Protecting Valve Nos
3519C-020 Front Brake Chamber (LH & RH) Set
NIV Rear Brake Chamber (1Set = 2Nos) Set
3514K2-010-A Dual Chamber Brake Valve Assy; Nos
NIV Chutch Plato Assy; Nos
NIV Brake Shoe Assy; (Front & Rear) Set
NIV Brake Flexible Pipe Nos
NIV Clutch Pressure Plate Nos
NIV Clutch Booster Assy; Nos
1800DB-411 Shaft, Output Forward Rear Axic Nos
2202C-016 Yoke, Spling Shaft Nos
2201B2-025 Slip Yoke With Spider & Flange Yoke Assy; (1 Set = 2 Nos) Set
2402C 065 B Flange Yoke Assy; Nos
2201C-035 Wing Brg; (1Set = 8Nos) Set
2201C3-010-B Propeller Shaft With Slip Fork Assy; (From Front Axle to Transfer Case) Nos
3303C-059/60 Tie Rod End Assy; (LH & RH) Set
2302DB-026/025B Ring Gear & Drive Pinion Set
2007110E Bearing Inner Shaft Front Axle (1Set = 4Nos) Set
23C-04074 Bushing (King Pin)(1Set = 2Nos) Set
2402C-065-B Flange , Yoke (Differenial) Nos
2007114E Bdifferential Bearing (1Set = 2 Nos) Set
2402CJ-335 Gear Axle Shaft , Differential (1 Set = 2Nos) Set
23C-03065 Front Axle Shaft Inner (LH) Nos
23C-03066 Front Axle Shaft Inner (RH) Nos
2301C-049 Sleeve Guide Axle Shaft Nos
2401C-050A Axle Shaft Oil Seal Assy; Nos
7516E Differential Bearing Assy; (1Set = 2 Nos) Set
24B-03065 Rear Axle Shaft Nos
1800C-311 Shaft Output , Rear Axle Nos
1800C-411 Shaft , OutPut Forward Rear Axle Nos
34001035-010 Integral Power Steering Assy; Nos
1700C-140 4th & 5th Synchronizer Blocking Ring Assy; Nos
1700C-120 2nd & 3rd Synchronizer Blocking Ring Assy; Nos
1700J-177 Sleeve , Sliding , 1st & Reverse Nos
23C-03068/69 3 Pivot (Inner & Outer) Axle Shaft (1Set= 4 Nos) Set
3405MB-030 Spider With Bearing Assy; (Strg;) Nos
220D5-030 Spider With Bearing Assy; (Propeller) (1Set= 3Nos) Set
24026B5-025 Drive Pinion Nos
24026B5-026 Gear Ring Nos
2402B-335 Gear Axle Shaft , Differential (1Set= 2 Nos) Set
37F39-22010 Ten-Fuse Box Nos
37F5-04010 Ignition Switch With Key Assy; Nos
37D-52-11010 Combined Lamp Assy; (LH) Nos
37D-52-11020 Combined Lamp Assy; (RH) Nos
37D-52-12010/20 Front Signal Lamp & Turning Signal Lamp (LH&RH) Set
NIV Rear View Mirror (1Set = 2 Nos) Set
NIV Tail Lamp Assy; (LH & RH) Set 

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