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We are Yutong generator regulating voltage device Pate wholesalers in China for more than 5 years.Our products mainly export to South American(Chile.peru,Brazil,etc ).

 Africa,south Asia,Mid-eastetc

Our main spare parts are for Truck parts: Sinotruk, Howo, Steyr, Steyr King, North Benz(Beiben truck,Beifang Benchi), Golden Prince, Shacman, Iveco, Shaanxi, Yuejin, JMC, CAMC, Hongyan, Dongfeng,etc.

Product Info

Unit PCS
Minorder 1
Supplyability 10000PCS
Payment T/T.L/C.
Port Chongqing,Shanghai,Tianjin,QIngdao,Shenzhen,Guzhou,etc
Certification EU
Place China
Packaging Cartons,woodencase

Product Detail

Yutong generator regulating voltage device Pate   601-1 AC172RA :

D 3000-100 3001 A Engine Head Gasket
J 3300 1002064A Sleeve Cylinder
J65F1-1012020A Oil Filter
  Main Thrust Key
B4000-3509100C Air Compressor Assy;
J1AL1-3701001 Alternative Belt
  Engine Mounting (Front &Rear)(1 Set - 4 Nos)
A30-1004019 Piston With Pin
  Connecting Rod
J3000-1003103A Exhaust & Inlet Valve (1 Set - 12 Nos)
"J3200-1003174 / 
430 1003173" Exhaust & Inlet Valve Seat Ring (1 Set - 12 Nos)
430 1007018 Value Guide Pipe (1 Set - 12 Nos)
J4218-1118100-135 Turbocharger Assy;
  Plunger, Delivery Value & Seal Kit
  Nozzle Tip
A-3000-1105010 Fuel Filter & Water Separater
A-3000-1105020/30 Fuel Filter (1st & 2nd)
  Food Pump
  Fuel Cutt-Off Assy;
J3601-1306005A Water Return Hose
A3206-133040B Water Outlet Pipe Parts
WG9412531001 Radiator Assy;With Filler Cap
191-3701040 Fan Belt 
  Air Cleaner Elements
  Intercooler Assy,
J3601-1307100B Water Pump Assy;
  Clutch Plate
  Clutch Master Cylinder
WG-9632230048 Clutch Booster Assy;
AZ2203260331 Clutch Ball
WG-9115160005 Clutch Pressure Plate
  Clutch Pipe (Long & Short)
3502 N02/085 Brake Shoe (Front & Rear)
Brake Diaphragm (Front & Rear)
Air Distributor Valve
Brake Flexible Pipe
Air Dryer
Brake Valve
Rear Frame Valve (Big & Small)
4 Way Valve
Spiter Kit U/Joint
Ceuter Ball & Rubber Cushion
AZ9114413055A Tie Rod Assy;
DC 6J70T145-035 1st Shaff(Torque Shaft)
DC 6J70T-105A 2nd Shaff (Second Shaft)
DC 6J70T-033 Synchronizing Ring
DC 6J70T-182 Synchronizing Ring(1 Set - 4 Nos)
DC 6J70T-122 Synchronizing Ring(1 Set - 4 Nos)
WG-9412470090 Power Steering pipe
WG-9725477050 Power Steering pipe
EQ 153-3001014A King Pin Set(Pin Ball & Bush)
1120830302301A Connector
1120830302201 Connector
WG-9412471050 Power Steering pump
GB/T297 "Roller Bearing (In & Out)
(30311/13/YB2)(1 Set - 4 Nos)"
NIV Steering Cross Ball
7517/18E Rear Hub Ball (In & Out) (1 Set - 4 Nos)
240305164 Back Shaft (Axle Shaft) Half Shaft (1 Set - 2 Nos)
QT-3108D52-240201 Drive Pinion
QT-3108D52-240202 Ring Gear
  Fog Lamp (L/R) (1 Set - 2 Nos)
  Body Light Lamp
J4218 3701100 Alternator
B7617-3708100 Starter Assy;
  Starter Solenoid
WG1608740003 Wiper Motor
Sealed Beam Unit Assy; (L & R)
Tail Lamp Assy;
Air Pressure Sensor Unit
Exhaust Brake Valve Assy;
Exhaust Spacer Pipe
AZ1608340003/4 Lock Assy; (Left & Right)
AZ1608340024 Outer Handle Assy; of Right Door
AZ1608340023 Outer Handle Assy; of Left Door
WG 1634710003 Windshield Glass
WG 1608710008 Windshield Glass Liner
WG 1632240050 Front Bumper (Dump)
WG 1642777011 Rear View Mirror (Big) (1 Set - 2 Nos)
WG 1642777012 Rear View Mirror (Small) (1 Set - 2 Nos)
  Front Lower View Mirror
WG 1608870005 Sun Visor
Door Inner Handle (L&R)
WG 9100820025 Hydraulic Hand Pump
WG 9125820017 Hose (Hydraulic Hand Pump) (1 Set - 2 Nos)
WG 9125820016 Hose (Hydraulic Hand Pump) (1 Set - 2 Nos)
WG 9125820015 Hose (Hydraulic Hand Pump) (1 Set - 2 Nos)
AZ 9123820007 Lifting Cylinder (1 Set - 2 Nos)
  Door Glass (L&R)
  Hand Brake (Valve)
AZ 1608110016/17 Wind Scooper (L&R)
AZ 1608740013/14 Wiper Arm & Blade (1 Set - 3 Nos)

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