Product Description

We are Bus Front airbag wholesalers in China for more than 5 years.Our products mainly export to South American(Chile.peru,Brazil,etc ).

 Africa,south Asia,Mid-eastetc

Our main spare parts are for Truck parts: Sinotruk, Howo, Steyr, Steyr King, North Benz(Beiben truck,Beifang Benchi), Golden Prince, Shacman, Iveco, Shaanxi, Yuejin, JMC, CAMC, Hongyan, Dongfeng,etc.

Product Info

Unit SET
Minorder 1
Supplyability 10000SETS
Payment T/T.L/C.
Port Chongqing,Shanghai,Tianjin,QIngdao,Shenzhen,Guzhou,etc
Certification EU
Place China
Packaging Cartons,woodencase

Product Detail

Bus Front airbag W01-675-9534:

NO part number DESCRIPCION
1 EQ6401-2402-067 Dust Guard,Flange
2 30305*2B/P6X bearing,driving bevel gear
3 EQ6401-2402-041A-042 Adjusting Gasket,Driving Bevel Gear
4 10667100 Left front mounting spring
5 10668700 Vibration damper, front suspension
6 10839100 Transmission 1st shaft
7 31ZB6-03015 Front wheel hub
8 3750730-C1101 Switch panel assembly, driver side
9 3750740-C1100 Switch panel assembly, passenger side
10 1118ZD2A-001 intercooler assembly
11 3747043-C0100 Joint – Water Pipe
12 12396300 Gear oil pump
13 C4983068 Starter assembly
14 1109710-KC400 Intake induction pipe assembly 
15 3732030-C1100 FR fog lamp assembly
16 50H08-01028 Front airbag shock absorber assembly
17 50H08-01057 Shock absorber of rear mounting
18 36A47D-10561 Fuel level sensor
19 3638010-Q22925 RELAY
20 1608010-C47032 Booster Assy
21 1608010-C74021 Clutch Booster
22 C3974539 crank shaft
23 C3970117 camshaft
24 C5255257 piston
25 3978822 Thrust bearing shell, crank shaft
26 3978824 Thrust bearing shell, crank shaft
27 C3969562 Bearing Shell, Link Rod
28 C4893693 Bearing Shell, Link Rod
29 1604010-C48112 Clutch Master Pump Assy
30 1700D64-156 Gear Seat, Synchronizer 
31 1700K12-031 input shaft, gearbox
32 50DH34-04030 Tilting Bracket Assy
33 50DJ111-04009 Left Bracket Assy, Front Suspension
34 1703060-C42015 Gear shif flexible shaft  
35 48680MC00A Drag Rod Assy
36 C2834302 supercharger
37 28386MCQ0A right wiper arm
38 53DE11-02210 Middle Skirt Plate Assy 
39 C5267784 Cover,Gear
40 C4991307 Cover,Gear
41 61DN15-02042 Shidled, Inner Opening Handle 
42 1311061K61001+Z800 CAP ASSY-FILLER
43 A-4121021 front left combination lamp
44 A-4121020 front right combination lamp
45 X0281014340 engine ECU
46 B12-8202011 rear view mirror ASSY(driver side)
47 B12-8202010 rear view mirror ASSY(Passenger side)
48 237102ZS0A + E011 ECM
49 3502500-21 BRAKE SHOE ASSY
50 4901001 Left front diferential axle
51 4902001 Right front diferential axle

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